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-The Best Oil Ever
Rated 5 out of 5 stars by reviewer
Product: Argan Deluxe Oil Hair & Body Serum
Posted By: Apryl Jackson
I love this oil. It is just right for my hair, not to heavy and not to light. It also leaves my hair with a nice sheen. I use it every day on my hair.
-Hydrates your hair like no other product and does not leave you feeling greasy/oily. A small amount goes a long way.....
The price is truly wonderful.
-Awesome products! I purchased Whisper Whip and will purchase ArganMidas next! I highly recommend it!
-I would have NEVER considered going completely natural had it not been for Thehairwhisper Tendai guidance and the HH Solution products used.
 -These products are amazing, my scalp doesn't inch any more and my hair is not as dry as it use to be...
-OMG I've only been doing Whisper Whip and the Argan Deluxe mask since my last visit to you! Never thought I would be able to go without shampooing my hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE
-Just deep conditioned with it this afternoon. My son has some on now. Good stuff! About to order some more!
-I absolutely LOVE the Whisper Whip! My hair is the healthiest I think it has ever been & love what I have learned about my hair. I am very interested & excited to try the argan deluxe line next.
-Her products provide excellent hydration and smells wonderful. Doesn't leave a build-up and provides great definition to my curls. Love It!!!



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