The Best Oil Ever
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Product: Argan Deluxe Oil Hair & Body Serum
Posted By: Apryl Jackson
I love this oil. It is just right for my hair, not to heavy and not to light. It also leaves my hair with a nice sheen. I use it every day on my hair.
-Hydrates your hair like no other product and does not leave you feeling greasy/oily. A small amount goes a long way.....
The price is truly wonderful.
-Awesome products! I purchased Whisper Whip and will purchase ArganMidas next! I highly recommend it!
-I would have NEVER considered going completely natural had it not been for Thehairwhisper Tendai guidance and the HH Solution products used.
 -These products are amazing, my scalp doesn't inch any more and my hair is not as dry as it use to be...
-OMG I've only been doing Whisper Whip and the Argan Deluxe mask since my last visit to you! Never thought I would be able to go without shampooing my hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE
-Just deep conditioned with it this afternoon. My son has some on now. Good stuff! About to order some more!
-I absolutely LOVE the Whisper Whip! My hair is the healthiest I think it has ever been & love what I have learned about my hair. I am very interested & excited to try the argan deluxe line next.
-Her products provide excellent hydration and smells wonderful. Doesn't leave a build-up and provides great definition to my curls. Love It!!!

Arganmidas Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum
The Magic of Moroccan Argan Oil

After Chemo Treatments left me hairless, The Healthy Hair Specialist introduced me to ArganMidas (Moroccan Argan Oil) and my hair started growing like weeds! That's just the word I've chosen to use but "trust me", my hair is soft, bouncy and has a sheen of beautiful hair that I was "always" accustomed to! It also contributes to combatting the dry skin Radiation Treatments caused me as well..."I'm so happy my daughter Lightning introduced me to The Healthy Hair may have taken my hair longer to grow and to be a "healthy" as it is! "THANK YOU!"
Helen Griswold "Momma Lightning"


Top Whisper Whip Customer Reviews
on May 17, 2017
Best product on the market! Hands Down! That's it, that's all!
Verified Purchase
Man I love this stuff! I'm of mixed race (Caribbean, Scottish, Peruvian) and my kids are half American Black and my mix, and this just works wonders for our hair. It has a super sweet smell, but not over powering. It feels light going into our hair as well.
We use this as a cowash and a leave in, and I just love it. Definitely worth the $20. I usually can't bring myself to spend more than five bucks on hair products, but this lasts, smells good, is light, and is well worth the price.
on April 16, 2017
Verified Purchase
Whisper whip gets out the tangles and an easy way to do a co-wash and I love the smell, it's very clean . My godmother uses it and she is gray but she loves how it leaves it white, no yellowing
on April 17, 2017
Verified Purchase
It detangle very well and work good as a leave in and a co-wash. If only I could get a second version without protein for the times my lo-po hair doesn't need it.
5 stars Whisper Whip
on February 11, 2017
Verified Purchase
Excellent product. I use it as a cowash. It leaves my hair soft, moisturized and manageable.
stars Great Hair Product! Whisper Whip
on March 18, 2017
Verified Purchase
Love this product, I use it to co-wash. Makes my hair shiny, soft and easy to manage.